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I create websites & branding. I use (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jquery, PHP, MySQL & various graphic design software)


VIPer Control Panel

9 April, 2012

VIPer is my new side project, it’s essentially a control panel intended for clients  to access their hosted websites. The initial functionality of the control panel will allow users to  upload & download files, check their server status and create files. The goal is to allow users…

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Where is Julien Etienne? "||" is based in London

Where is the work produced? All designs & developments are produced in-house. Prints and specialist productions on most occasions are out-sourced to third-party companies.

Where will my site be hosted? Your site will be hosted with JulienEtienne.com's using a Media Temple server.logo a reliable web host (used by the likes of StarBucks Coffee, Adobe & Warner Brothers etc). Or you can use your own web host.

How much will it cost? The cost varies according to what you are hosting (It's usually much cheaper & more reliable than hosting yourself). Please enquire for more details.


Why walk this way? The internet had 3.7 million users in 2000
(At the end of 2000)

The internet now has over 2.1 billion users in 2011

The average internet user's expectations have changed drastically since the last 10 years.

So Ideally

you want your website to be at least practical, user friendly & visually modern for effectiveness.

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